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Support Projects

Preserving & enhancing the chapel 

Anyone who visits the chapel can see it is in poor condition.  The DfE will not include it in its renovation and building programme, although it is used by pupils every day for Assemblies, meetings and classes.  All operating and maintenance costs must be paid for by the School.  Urgent work is needed to preserve it, and then make it more flexible and attractive while retaining its character as a chapel for services by the School and others.  Along with the refurbished lodge it can then be hired out for weddings and other events such as meetings, concerts etc., and earn income to offset its running costs.  It is currently our key priority.  

The Foundation has pledged to provide a considerable sum of start-up funding to get the project off the ground.  This will help fund the initial work required to develop a Design Brief, navigate through the competing requirements of the many bodies that must be consulted, to determine what is possible and is feasible, to determine what work needs to be done to preserve the fabric of the building and then develop a costed vision of the enhanced chapel and lodge complex.  This start-up funding will also enable artist's impressions of the final results to be published, so potential donors can see what their involvement can create, and allow physical restorative work to commence.

A Working Group of the Foundation, the School, Old Royals and other interested parties, is starting this groundwork in preparation for an Appeal.  

The Working Group will publish its plans including artist's impressions of how it could look and seek support and then initiate an Appeal for funds.  PLEASE WATCH THIS SPACE.  

In the meantime we are asking parents, friends, Old Royals and anyone else interested in helping to preserve this wonderful building with its marvellous and historic stained-glass windows to begin contributing to the fund. 

You can do this now.  

If you would like to become involved as a supporter and/or donor, please contact us directly using the enquiry form on the Contact Us page.  


Projects which have been supported by the Foundation

The swimming complex is not supported by Government funding either.  It generates its income mainly through the Learn to Swim programme (LTS). Every week, around1400 would-be swimmers from the local community come and learn to swim in the largest LTS programme in the country.  

The all-weather pitches, which are used by Primary and Secondary pupils, and extensively by the local community, for numerous sports, are also not supported, 

The school must find the money to maintain and develop them and ensure they are legally compliant.  Donations and bequests can be used to support the school when needed. 

Two examples of recent projects supported by the Foundation are the all-weather pitch and the Reception play castle.

When the all-weather pitch became virtually unplayable, the Foundation provided RWS Enterprises Ltd. with £75,000 to meet the remaining costs of replacing the Astroturf.  This enabled many sports to continue being played by school pupils, clubs and the community.

The all-weather Astroturf pitch behind the swimming pool is used for many sports activities by the School, external groups such as local hockey teams, and by the community.  ‚Äč

Activities may be programmed into the school curriculum as school sports periods including sports played competitively against other schools.  

The pitch was getting old.  Patches had been repaired many times.  It was getting to the point where hockey was becoming unplayable on the surface.  

Finchley Hockey Club had organised part-funding by them and a national hockey body.  We agreed to loan the balance, £75,000, to RWS Enterprises Ltd., repayable from future Enterprises profits.  Finchley's contribution is repaid by giving them free use of the pitch until the value of that use equals their funding.  

The pitch surface was renewed in early 2019.  It is used extensively 7 days per week.  

When Reception classrooms were created, on the conversion to a Free School, there was no budget for play furniture in the new outdoor play area.  We funded a large wooden castle & climbing complex which became the focal point of their outdoor developmental play. 

The first part of the State-funded refurbishment of the school buildings began in the summer holidays leading up to the opening of the Free School on 1st September 2016.  Three new Reception classrooms were created in what was the old Nursery.  Reception and Year 1 then required a safe play area and a new one was created outside the Reception classrooms. 

This play area had new safe surfaces and 1 or 2 pieces of playing equipment but during the work many old, but important, pieces of equipment found their way into the waste skips.  As this was unexpected, there was almost no budget for this equipment.

Something that would excite and challenge the children yet to join Reception and those going into Year 1 was urgently required. 

An urgent plea was received by the Foundation's trustees.  Would we be able to help make a donation to the school to help fund a tree house, or perhaps more correctly: a castle?  A large bequest had recently been received, and we were able to contribute £25,000 to the purchase and erection of the castle.  It has been a resounding success with all the children.  

Primary School Reception children were amazed to find they had a superb wooden castle & climbing frame when they started at their new school.  

Current projects

There are currently a number of projects on the go.  Click on the drop-down menu at the top of this page to see them.

Projects to “fill the gaps” will arise over time and the Foundation may be able to play a part in filing them by running appeals and administering funds on behalf of those who have made donations.