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Provide Pupil Boarding Bursaries

The Royal is one of only a handful of Free Schools in the UK offering an all-through education and Boarding.  Its day and boarding pupils gain hugely from the long-term stability this provides, developing lifelong friendships and receiving ongoing support and inspiration from staff who get to know them well and can make informed decisions about their progress and future.

The Royal School offers Day and Boarding education but with the education element funded directly by the State.  The boarding element is chargeable but at a much lower cost than alternatives as the School is legally required to charge at cost plus a small percentage margin. 

Boarding at The Royal has won Boarding Schools Association (BSA) awards for caring for its vulnerable pupils and for its research into making Boarding an even better life-enhancing experience.  It is central to what the school offers students and to its ethos.

Boarding is also highly successful as is demonstrated by the academic results each year.  Boarders tend to score higher than day pupils in GCSEs and A Levels.  Even a short period in a supportive and safe boarding environment can make such a difference to someone for example whose adverse home circumstances are holding them back.

A bright 6th Form girl, ejected from her chaotic home & living with her sister and sister’s baby, sleeping on her sister’s sofa, with exams soon & nowhere to study.  The Foundation provided a Boarding Bursary for 2 terms before her A Levels, which were successfully taken.

Over the years the School has taken in many of Wolverhampton's Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children.  Many arrive speaking little or no English but have gone onto successfully read challenging academic subjects at UK universities as well as becoming well-rounded and sociable young people.  

Many success stories show why we put such emphasis on supporting young people by funding boarding bursaries for those in need.  

Your donations to the RWS Foundation will be put to good use: supplementing in valuable ways the already-high levels of support the school gives to its young people who range from 4 to 18 years old.