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Aim & Objectives

The Foundation continues the objectives of John Lees - to support young people in need. 

Our aim is "The advancement of education of persons of school age."

We do this by providing financial support to pupils and the School.  Our funding comes solely from donations and bequests.  Effectively, we had to start again after the sale of the independent school and associated assets.  The charity operates independently of the School.

Our objectives are to provide funding for:

Pupils in need

Our financial support often helps fund boarding at the School for pupils in real need.  Around 5% of RSW pupils are full or weekly boarders and the School has won awards recognising its strong support of vulnerable young people in our two boarding houses.  

A pupil may be in real need of the stability and support offered by boarding.  Where funding cannot be found, the School may request some financial support from the Foundation (and other similar foundations) for that young person – perhaps for a term or two prior to GCSE’s or A Levels. 

We may also support individual pupils in other ways when there is a real need and no other source of funding.  Support can also extend to recent leavers, funded by the Leaving Exhibition Fund, which is a separate endowment fund within the Foundation.  

Further details can be seen on the What We Do page.  

Donations can be made to the Foundation specifically to fund the financial support of such pupils. These donations are ring-fenced (restricted) to ensure they are spent in accordance with the specified wishes.  Significant donations are acknowledged in the Annual Report and Accounts though of course the benefitting pupils remain anonymous.  THey may also be acknowledged in the proposed Donor Role of Honour.

School building projects

Some key School facilities used by the pupils and community, such as the Chapel or sports facilities are not supported by State education funding.  Their operating and maintenance costs must be carried by the School even though they support the overall education or personal development of their users.  The Foundation has no responsibility to support these facilities.  The School may request Foundation support to help fund specific projects.

This may be done via an appeal for donations.  Individuals may make donations for a particular purpose such as the refurbishment of the fountain in front of the Senior School building which was paid for by a former pupil, an "Old Royal" in memory of his wife.   Again, these donations would be ring-fenced for that specified purpose. 

As a charity, independent of the School, the Foundation is regulated by the Charity Commission.  Within its defined objects, and subject to the availability of funds, it can be quite flexible in allocating those funds as needs arise. 

We are registered for Gift Aid and set up to administer donations, bequests and appeals.  It is also registered with the Fundraising Regulator.