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2_Refurbishment of the fountain

Frank Nelson, an Old Royal living in Australia, made a major donation covering all the costs of renovating the fountain in front of the Senior School building, in memory of his late wife, Gwen.  Sadly, Frank died before it could be started, so a plaque will be placed on the fountain base remembering both of them and Frank's generosity.  

THe fountain as it was
The fountain as it was

Refurbishment included:


The refurbished fountain
The refurbished fountain 
  • Cleaning the fountain and surrounding artefacts such as the urns
  • Repairing each of the inset plaques which had not survived the rigours of climate and time.  This involved repairing cracks and restoring features of the people portrayed even giving some a "nose-job"



  • Sealing the water basin and renovating the piping and spout.
  • Replacing the gravel walkway with a resin-bonded surface.
  • Ensuring a reliable water and electricity supply.  
  • Improving the lighting of the fountain

This project, including the urns, pathway and surrounding area, is close to being completed. Return to Supporting Projects